Software products that fit your need? Partner up with NexUU.

Looking for a custom software partner? Look no further!

NexUU can help with software engineering and network infrastructure topics.


For example,

1. Build a custom web application of any kind based on our modern, scalable and highly available distributed application platform.

2. Designing your network infrastructure design and setup, including subnetting, routing, VPN gateways, migration to IPv6. In addition we can also perform network security tests and advice on hardening your computer network.

3. (Realise software tools to) perform network security scans/audits and provide advice to help you harden your network infrastructure against cyber attacks.

... and much more.


NexUU is founded in 2018. Its mission is to make people interaction easier, faster, more fun and more safe.
At NexUU we do this by developing secure, fast and scalable software that helps people achieve this goal.

NexUU's founder, George Rijk, has a professional background and 9+ years of experience in designing, developing and quality assurance of software for high-tech and extremely complex applications, often found in large projects where multiple disciplines collaborate, such as optics, physics, biology, mechatronics, electronics.


For all your questions and answers we can be reached at:

Raupplaan 20 | 5673 AX Nuenen | The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)40 7851845 | E: | KvK: 71769749